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Monday, March 1, 2010

spencer tunick australia

Spencer Tunick loses clothes
Spencer Tunick Australia – Spencer Tunick, the man known for taking photographs of naked people, has lost his clothes.

Tunick arrived in Australia from Hawaii last night ahead of next week’s Sydney Opera House installation, but his luggage has gone missing.

Tunick says he’s devastated by the airline bungle.

“I am truly the emperor with no clothes,” Tunick said.

“I am so depressed.”

Tunick says he’s concerned that his camera equipment won’t turn up in time for the March 1 installation, and he will now have to spend his time sourcing speciality camera equipment.

“As an artist, it’s going to cost more than they could ever repay me to locate my equipment and my clothes,” he said.

“Just a lot more work when I should be concentrating on the installation. I’m hoping Qantas and Hawaiian Airlines will find my f****in’ luggage.

“Obviously, I just want to be contacted by someone higher up to say they’re searching for it.”

Spencer Tunick Australia

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