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Monday, March 1, 2010

taslima nasreen article

Police have been put on alert in India's Karnataka state after violence over an article by Bangladeshi writer Taslima Nasreen left two people dead.

Two protestors were killed in the violence in Shimoga district after the article appeared in a local daily.

Ms Nasreen fled her native Bangladesh in 1994 when a book she wrote attracted death threats. Muslims said she had offended their feelings.

She left India in 2008 after protests by Muslims and went to live in Sweden.

Some 15 people were injured in Monday's violence in Karnataka, and several shops and vehicles set on fire.

As well as the unrest in Shimoga, Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa's home district, there was also violence in the town of Hassan.

The police say they have arrested about 50 people in connection with the violence in both places.

Cases have been registered against two newspapers for carrying the offending article, the police said.

"We will not allow communal elements to disturb peace," Mr Yeddyurappa said.

A curfew has been announced until Wednesday.

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