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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

. ali bachelor

Ali Bachelor: latest news about updates in Ali Bachelorm, ali fedotowsky, ali bachelor nipple, ali bachelor facebook, ali bachelor job, ali bachelor 2010, This season’s Bachelor Jake Pavelka, has certainly chosen women who like a bit of drama.There are now only three girls remaining, after tonight’s shock departure by Ali. The other who are vying for Jake’s affections are Tenley, Gia and Vienna, all very different women coming from different backgrounds.

And if you have been watching the show you will know already there was no love lost between Ali and Vienna.

Tenley is 25, and is deemed the good girl of the show, although at 25 she has already been divorced and still seems troubled by the fact. This may be as it was relatively recent. She on the show told Jake how her ex husband cheated on her. And it seems getting the final with Jake then having marriage to consider again may be the last thing either of them need.

Where as Ali, was also 25 is seen by fans as probably the closest thing that Jake has for marriage potential. It seems she has no dramatic past events to come to the surface and act as a barrier or problem for a potential future with Jake. Her dislike for Vienna has become a focus point of the show. But she chose to leave the show before the rose ceremony took place.

Gia aged 26, is a swimsuit model, and has even had a racy photo shoot for Maxim magazine splashed across the Internet. Fan’s see her as only seeking fame from the show, although there does seem to be genuine feelings there for Jake. Although having to settle in Texas to be a wife to Jake may be beyond what Gia can offer. Gia has already dated several high profile men including, NY Yankees pitcher Carl Pavano and Chris Campoli from the Ottawa Senators.

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