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Saturday, February 27, 2010

chile quake 2010

Chile Quake 2010 and a breaking Tsunami 2010 Update Video. Today an earthquake ravaged the Latin American country of Chile, killing more than 300 and shattering the lives of more than 2 million people. The Chile quake has been compared to an earthquake in the 1960’s, which prompted a tsunami in Hawaii which killed 61 people.

The Chile quake 2010 also caused a tsunami today on the American island of Hawaii, although the damage wasn’t as bad as was anticipated. The tsunami warnings have been canceled, at least for now. However, on Friday there was an earthquake in Japan and in January there was an earthquake in Haiti, so people are getting a little spooked by what’s going on with Mother Nature.

The quake in Chile was centered deeper in the earth than the earthquake in Haiti, which when coupled with better Chilean building codes explains why today’s quake – 1,000 times stronger than Haiti’s quake – didn’t cause the devastation that Haiti experienced.

The entire Pacific Rim was on watch, and parts of Japan have been evacuated because of various risks associated with what’s going on with our tectonic plates.

Today’s earthquake in Chile prompted 76 aftershocks, the strongest of which was a 6.1 quake felt in Argentina. The Argentinian quake killed two individuals so far.

The US has offered their aid to Chile in the aftermath of the quake. There is a lot of devastation that must be dealt with.

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