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Friday, February 12, 2010

winter olympics schedule

Winter Olympics 2010 Opening Ceremony, scheudle Feb 12 to 28th

The 2010 Winter Olympics are finally here. Tonight's opening ceremonies from inside BC Place Stadium kick off the 16-day extravaganza which will feature the best winter athletes from around the globe.

26 sports and 38 disciplines will encompass the schedule from today through the closing ceremonies on February. But let's stay simple and look at the events this weekend and what you the viewer can expect to see.

The 2010 Winter Olympics is going to be a mega event and is the 21st Winter Olympics which is schedule from 12-28 February 2010 in Vancouver, British Columbia and Canada, officially opened by Governer General Michaelle Jean. The city would show its true exhilaration and enthusiasm in the opening ceremony of 2010 Winter Olympics.

The Winter Olympics 2010 opening ceremony would definitely be the one which would take the moments of your life. The opening ceremony would be a good platform to speak out to the global audience and reveal the true Canada. The 2010 Winter Olympics opening ceremony would register itself in the history with being the second most expensive opening ceremony in the history of the Winter Olympics with the expenditure
of $40 million.

The province of British Columbia will be hosting its first Olympics and would be the third one for Canada. The gates will be up by 14:00 for the Opening Ceremony and will start live at around 17:00 on NBC with the audience participation rehearsal, getting ready to rock the set. The Canadian artists will represent their linguistic duality and cultural diversities with participation of various Canadian artists making 2010 Winter Olympics bright, vibrant and colourful.

Some of the lighting ceremonies of Winter Olympics 2010 will take place in Vancouver waterfront and another at BC Place Stadium with 60,000 seats in Vancouver which would be spectacular events experiencing the energy of the games and the crowd . The BC Place Stadium got a $150 million renovation to hold the ceremonies and events. The host cities will handle more than 80 nations with 1500 above athletes and the crowd that is going to cover the whole place down.

The tickets for Winter Olympics 2010 were available for the opening ceremony on websites and from various other sources. The 2010 winter Olympics would reflect the utmost passion of the athletes and people with depiction of Canadian history and culture. The theme of the 2010 Winter Olympics is “To Inspire The World”, which it is definitely going to do. People are looking forward to the Winter Olympics hoping it to be their best source of entertainment.

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