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Saturday, February 27, 2010

killer whale attack footage 2010

Orlando: Killer whale attack footage 2010: Where is the footage? The death of an expert coach Dawn Brancheau during the show, has raised heated debate in the coaching world whale.

However, it is the former co-worker in SearWorld extended from the beans. While he was talking to WFTV Channel 9 Fajr blamed in the incident.

It is interesting, it is not the first man to say so. Other workers have saved SeaWorld Killer Whale Tilikum. Not only that, but the Department had decided to keep the 12,000 pound giant whale at Sea World. They all know that this was not once in the incident, which was involved the whale. In the past 19 years Tilikum has participated in many of the deaths.

But this time it was to blame dawn. Officials said the Tilikum got irritated after dawn hair floated over his mouth. Whale dragged under the cage, and drowning them.

Said Thad trainers were instructed to stay away from the mouth of the whale. “Protocol was not to be in all parts of Tilikum mouth while I was laying,” he said.

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